Frequently Asked Questions

What is DTF Printing ?

DTF is New evolving technology, which is very much boon to print on demand print, DTF mean Direct to Film, In this Ink is printed on film and hot melt is applied and cured at 110 -150 C, DTF printing is very versatile. You can print your transfers in advance and press them when required. DTF transfers can be applied to many different surfaces and items that would otherwise be very awkward to print on.

Is DTF printer easy to maintenance?

DTF printer is not easy as normal sublimation printer or other inkjet printer, it needs proper maintenance, DTF white ink is one which required really good maintenance, Some may say it will not clog if left for week or more, But lot of factors matter and white ink will dry fast, the best way to keep it trouble free is to keep the ink circulating at least 2 time a day and keep printing in regular interwell. The best part is more you print the less the cost and better the life of printer. And best part know your supplier if they know well about DTF Technology.

What is the DTF Print Cost ?

At 50% Coverage, For a Square Feet of Film, the Use of CYMK is 1.4 Gram, White 1.4 Gram and Hot Melt Powder 4 Gram and including the film the cost per sq inch will be around .22 ps. The price is based on some real time print and it may vary depends on the maintenance of the printer and % of Ink load on the film. We know few of our client who have got the running cost as low as 12ps on our production series machine.

How is the Feel of Print on Garment ?

The feel of the print after transfer mainly depends on the quality of Hot Melt Powder and White Ink, With our Primum Alfa white ink and Alfa Hot Melt powder the Feel will be very soft, buttery and stretchy. ( It is recommended to do the testing of elasticity of print after 12 hours )

How is the Washablity of DTF Print after Transfer ?

With Mild Normal Detergent, at 40C washing temperature, the washablity is very good.

Can the print used for Export Garment ?

Yes, the ink, & Hot melt powder is very much safe and it can pass the export norms.

What happens if printer is not used for some days ?

Well it can be kept not in use for day or two by adding our special cleaning solution in the capping station is good enough, also it is recommend to add auto timer for white ink circulation system and program it to ON every 8 hours for 10min, and switch on once in 2 day, take the nozzle print, If not possible, it is better to flush the ink and charge with cleaning solution.